It’s a bit like giving birth.

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“That’s the gift of creativity. It never abandons you. The trick is to not abandon creativity.” ~ John P. Weiss

This is a good message for me. Lately, I haven’t felt much like writing. Too many other things pressing on my life. I’m somewhat ashamed to say that carving out time to write each day hasn’t been a top priority.

John goes on to say:

“Make time for your creative passions. They will surely reward you.”


John is a sketch artist and a writer with many years of experience in both art forms. He knows what he’s talking about…

How fast do you write?

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I learned something about myself today.

I’ve been doing a morning writing exercise where I write 3 pages longhand as soon after I wake up as possible. For me, that means after brewing my morning cup of java and settling into my writing chair. I’ve even got a notebook dedicated to the effort and have filled 40 pages so far.

Yesterday, I decided to measure myself and see how fast I was writing.

It usually takes me about 50 minutes to write 3 pages, but I wanted a more exact measure so I counted words per line for a few…

Writing constipation

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This appeared in my email this morning:

“If we consistently work on our ability to concentrate, visualize, imagine, or logically analyze, the functioning of these faculties will improve, which increases our sense of well-being and capability to live confidently in the world.” ~ Cornerstones, Daily Meditations for the Journey into Manhood and Recovery

It goes well with my thoughts on that I wrote about recently and a previous story I wrote about.

Still, I wonder if, as we settle into our senior years if the improvement is really possible. Some days I think it is other days…

When the muse comes out to play

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Imagination has always had powers of resurrection that no science can match. ~ Ingrid Bengis

How true.

Our imaginations can conjure up some amazing things. But, like a little child, it needs to have room to roam and play. I had the good fortune of growing up in a tiny community just outside the city limits of a small logging town in northeastern California in the late 40s and 50s. Every day I’d roam those forested hills with my dog Blackie. We’d play all kinds of imaginative games. I was never bored. …


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Rain patter
Cool water

© 2021 Bob Jasper. All rights reserved.

A nanopoem following the ultrashort form writing described by Dr. Burg in

Thank you Michael Burg, MD (AKA Medium Michael Burg).

In this poem I “improved” on my previous best, a six-word story, but still have a ways to go to match Ogden Nash’s 3-word poem “Fleas” quoted in Michael’s piece.

The story was inspired by the thunderstorm that rolled in just as I was reading your wonderful ultrashort poem, Michael.

I had an English teacher in high school (Mr. Shepherd, whom I wrote about in my story

A story of pets and memories

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In her lovely story

Jill Ebstein addresses the question posed by Mary Oliver in the plaque on the bench:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Two of the things I do are read and write. When I read Jill’s story, I knew I had to write about “the doggy bench.” Jill, this story is dedicated to you and the memory of your beloved Nemo.

I first came upon the “doggy bench” on a walk through the neighborhood early last Spring. …

Come meet some of my best friends

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I’ve written about Max before

He had a distinct personality, as all dogs do. Though part Terrier and part Chihuahua, he looked like the dog in the photo above. My mother gave him to me as a birthday present when I was a teenager, but he stayed with them when I went away to college and during my two tours in the Air Force. By then, of course, they’d become too attached to let Max go.

Max didn’t like other dogs. When one walked past, he’d leap up onto the back of the davenport, hackles raised, tail curled tight and…

How to deal with obstacles

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My father was big on positivity. Growing up during the depression, abandoned by his parents and left with his three brothers to fend for themselves, he learned early the need to depend on himself and how things would work out if he only persevered.

Thus, he became a can-do person. If he hated anything it was to hear me say “I can’t.” No matter what the obstacle, his mantra was “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” Surviving the Great Depression and the attack on Pearl Harbor (he was stationed at Hickam Field that fateful Sunday morning), he knew tough…

6-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge

© Photo by author

Water drop painted on a stone.

The rainstorm that passed through this morning inspired me to select this photo of a stone painting done by my wife. Stone painting is one of her newly developed COVID hobbies. I hope you enjoy it and my 6-word story.

The story is written in response to 6-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge, .

For details on the challenge, see

At Mary’s request, I’m tagging the following poet-writers to consider joining in the fun:

, , , , , , ,


An Etheree poem

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From afar
Darkness surrounds. . .
Storm clouds gathering
Smell of rain in the air
Now the pitter-patter comes
Lightning flashes, thunder booming
Rivers flow; kids playing in the street
Such a great relief from mid-summer heat

© 2021 Bob Jasper. All rights reserved.

Melissa Coffey’s prompt inspired this Etheree poem. Thank you for tagging me, Melissa. I had not heard of this form before. I enjoyed reading your examples and trying my hand at creating one.

To learn more about this form and see her wonderfully-crafted examples, see her story at:

I wrote this poem as a…

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