Donald Trump has never cared about anyone other than himself his entire life. He is a NARCISSIST extraordinaire! It’s all about him and Donald getting what Donald wants. You said rhetorically “what is he, 5?” Yes, in terms of his maturity and vocabulary, that’s about right.

Too bad he didn’t bet the love and affection he craved from his father. We could all have been spared this lunacy.

He’s right, he’s no doctor (but I’m sure in his mind he’s thinking: I’m a lot smarter than any doctor).

He’s also no leader. Good leaders lead by example.

Donald wants to be a dictator like his friends and lovers Putin and Kim Jong-Un. The only question between now and Jan 15, 2021, is how much will Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senators allow him to get away with.

Donny is their rubber stamp and lightening rod. So long as he’s in the White House, they can continue on their rampage, helping out the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.

Donny Boy brags about the gargantuan tax cut and his titanic stimulus package, but he and the rest who voted for it will be long gone when it comes time to pay for it. Some poor Democrat, probably Joe Biden, will be in the hot seat and get blamed for raising taxes when that time arrives, and it will not be long coming.

My Muse is in hiding, but we cross paths from time to time.